Panel Schedules – When not at a panel, on a break, or eating lunch, all of our guests will be at their booth signing autographs and meeting fans.

Panel schedules are subject to change.


Main Stage


11:30 AM – Boys of Class 1-A with J Michael Tatum, Justin Cook, Josh Grelle, Mike McFarland
12:30 PM – Pro Hero Roundtable with Brandon McInnis, Emily Neves, Gabe Kunda, Cherami Leigh
1:30 PM – The Big Three with Ricco Fajardo, Lindsay Seidel, Aaron Dismuke
2:30 PM – Improvoicers! with Kellen Goff, Anthony Bowling, Jeremy Inman, Alexis Tipton

Panel Room 1


12:30 PM – Q&A with Monica Rial
1:30 PM – Q&A with Jamie Marchi
2:30 PM – Q&A with Cris George

Panel Room 2


12:15 PM – Q&A with David Trosko and David Wald
1:15 PM – Q&A with Kara Edwards and Charlie Campbell
2:15 PM – Q&A with Stephanie Young and Jessica Cavanagh

Panel Room 3

12:15 PM – BNHA Theories & Discussion hosted by Pretty Rekless & Celestial Lauren
Come discuss why you think Dabi is a Todoroki, if Hawks is foe or ally, and who you think the UA traitor is and why. There will be manga spoilers, so enter at your own risk!

1:15 PM – Cosplay on a Dime hosted by Suzanne’s Cosplay
Want to cosplay your favorite character but don’t want to break the bank? Learn tips and tricks of budget-savvy costume making, including how to plan a cosplay build, ways to shop smarter, and ways make low-cost materials look like the real thing!

2:15 PM – Wig Care & Styling 101 hosted by Pixelvixx
No need to pull out your own hair worrying about your wig! Learn the basics of wig styling and care. From types of wigs to making your own, learn everything you need for adding that perfect touch to your cosplay. A styled My Hero character wig will be raffled off during the panel. Don’t miss out!

Panel Room 4

1:00 PM – Art Q&A from Your Average College Art Student hosted by Macy Davis
Questions about anything art related. I’ve been drawing for about ten years, and I am over halfway done with my bachelors in digital art, as well as doing a ton of traditional art as well. Ask questions about me too!

2:00 PM – Cosplay 101: Genderbending VS Crossplay hosted by Taycosplayy
Learn the basics of genderbend and Crossplay in the cosplay world! Tips and tricks to enhance your cosplay for a creative and seamless execution.

3:00 PM – Sneaker Kustomz 201 hosted by Ninjart
I do custom art on sneakers/accessories and will explain even further in depth on the process and inspiration behind it all.

Screening Room 1

11:30 AM – Trigun: Badlands Rumble
1:15 PM – Steins;gate: Load Region of Deja Vu

Screening Room 2

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM – My Hero Academia Episodes