Panel Schedules – When not at a panel, on a break, or eating lunch, all of our guests will be at their booth signing autographs and meeting fans.

Panel schedules are subject to change.


Main Stage


11:30 AM – Let’s Dub Anime! Inside The Profession of Voice Acting with Ricco Fajardo (actor), Cris George (director), Matt Grounds (engineer)
1:00 PM – Pinky & the Brain with J Michael Tatum & Caitlin Glass
2:00 PM – Use Your Voice with Monica Rial, Jamie Marchi, Kara Edwards
3:00 PM – Solid As a Rock with Justin Cook & David Wald
4:00 PM – Raising A Hero with Jessica Cavanagh, Stephanie Young, Charlie Campbell
5:30 PM – My Hero Con Kid’s Costume Contest hosted by AVC Conventions
6:00 PM – My Hero Con Craftmanship Costume Contest hosted by AVC Conventions
7:00 PM – RAVE YOU DAMN NERDS! (After Hours Rave) with DJ Rozz

Panel Room 1


11:30 AM – Q&A with Mike McFarland
12:30 PM – Q&A with Brandon McInnis
1:30 PM – Q&A with Kellen Goff & Emily Neves
2:30 PM – Q&A with Gabe Kunda
3:30 PM – Q&A with Lindsay Seidel & Aaron Dismuke

Panel Room 2


11:45 AM – Q&A with Jeremy Inman
12:45 PM – Q&A with Josh Grelle
1:45 PM – Q&A with Anthony Bowling
2:45 PM – Q&A with David Trosko
3:45 PM – Q&A with Alexis Tipton and Cherami Leigh

Panel Room 3

12:15 PM – Sneaker Kustomz 101 hosted by Ninjart
I do custom art on sneakers/accessories and will explain in depth on the process and inspiration behind it all.

1:15 PM – Game Time hosted by Bakusquad
Come hang with the best squad of UA for a chance to win some awesome prizes! Show off your knowledge of the Bakusquad, join in on a roasting session, and ask us questions you’ve been dying to! (i.e. Why do you wear crocs, Kiri?) This is a in character panel! *No S4 or manga spoilers.

2:30 PM – Why Garfield is the Best BNHA Character hosted by Salem Vittrup
Let’s discuss why Garfield is the best BNHA Character.

3:45 PM – This House of Waifu hosted by Waifu Wear
Do you have a confession you want to make about a waifu or husbando? Do you need to explain why you have so many different waifus? Have you been waiting for a chance to tell your real life husbando about your favorite full-time 2D boy? Is there something you got to get off your chest? A roast or otherwise? Join WHEREDAWAIFU on a journey through waifu and husbando appreciation. #wheredawaifu

5:00 PM – All Might vs Iron Man hosted by Jay Long & Clark Lee
An interactive comparison of the influence that Anime and Hollywood have on each other. Anime is one of the fastest growing genres of entertainment in America, but most people do not realize how much influence Anime and Hollywood have on each other. Showing the relationship can bridge societal and generational gaps and encourage fandom of Amine and Film in general.

6:15 PM – Class B Panel hosted by MiKayla Ramon
Ask the Class B Characters! An in-character panel for the class of 1-B where cosplayers will answer in character questions and play audience-interactive improv games.

7:15 PM – Where Da Waifu Wars!? (18+) hosted by Waifu Wear
Do you think you have what it takes to be crowned WAIFU CHAMPION? How far are you willing to go to defend your waifu’s honor? How about your husbando’s? Hosted by WHEREDAWAIFU, join us for a battle of true wit and moxie as you test your mettle against other would be waifu warriors to see who has the best waifus of them all. Only true Waifu Warriors may be crowned, and there can only be ONE- WAIFU CHAMPION! #wheredawaifu. Prizes awarded to attendees who participate in #WHEREDAWAIFUWARS.

Panel Room 4

1:00 PM – The Hero Dating Game hosted by BakaBuki Productions
Terribly single? Lost the love of your life during Valentine’s Day? Have no fear! Your kind-hearted hero Deku (and BakaBuki Productions) has arrived to host “The Hero Dating Game”!

2:00 PM – Kaminari, Lightning Your Heart hosted by Quirked Cosplay
Kaminari has set up a meeting with all his favorite ships. He gets them and the audience to play some games to bring them closer together. Audience members can win prizes and the panel will wrap up with some Q & A.

3:15 PM – Boku No Hero Family Feud hosted by Fangirl Productions
Family Feud runs on survey generated questions. We have run polls on instagram, that gives us the interactive aspect, as well, we have our tie-breaker questions, that will be ask at My Hero Con from the public! The game will consist of two teams: Bakusquad v. Dekusquad. Come watch these two group powerhouses of U.A. High take on their greatest challenge yet; a game show!

5:00 PM – Class 1A Truth or Dare hosted by SewinSisters
We have the most popular characters of Class 1A, dressed to the nines in their hero uniforms, under direct instruction from Aizawa to host a panel of truth or dare with the citizens they shall come to protect.

Screening Room 1

10:30 AM – Summer Wars
12:30 PM – Wolf Children
2:15 PM – One Piece: Strong World
4:30 PM – Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry
6:15 PM – My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Screening Room 2

10:00 AM – 9:00 PM – My Hero Academia Episodes