Panel Schedules – When not at a panel, on a break, or eating lunch, all of our guests will be at their booth signing autographs and meeting fans.

Panel schedules are subject to change.


Main Stage


5:00 PM – UA High Teachers Panel with Mike McFarland, Charlie Campbell, David Trosko, David Wald
6:00 PM – Pro Hero Panel with Jamie Marchi, Cris George, Gabe Kunda, Cherami Leigh
7:00 PM – Nighteye Agency Panel with Ricco Fajardo, Kara Edwards, Brandon McInnis
8:00 PM – My Hero Con Masquerade Costume Contest hosted by AVC Conventions

Panel Room 1


5:30 PM – Big Sis and Best Mom Panel with Jeremy Inman & Jessica Cavanagh
6:30 PM – Shie Hassaikai Panel with Kellen Goff & Anthony Bowling
7:30 PM – Oki Mariner Crew Panel with Monica Rial & Emily Neves

Panel Room 2


5:45 PM – Too Cool For School Panel with Josh Grelle & Aaron Dismuke
6:45 PM – The Manly Manly Panel with J Michael Tatum & Justin Cook
7:45 PM – So Much Enthusiasm Panel with Lindsay Seidel & Alexis Tipton

Panel Room 3

5:00 PM – Becoming Your Own Hero: A Self Esteem Panel w/ Deku hosted by Pro Hero Oliver
In this panel, I will be in character as the character Izuku Midoriya a.k.a. Deku from the anime My Hero Academia. From his journey of being a quirkless kid to becoming a future pro hero, Deku has been through many hardships. Despite this, he gets back up again and keeps going no matter what. I will be discussing how tough and scary the real world can be, and how an individual should have the confidence and self-esteem to reach their goals and follow their dreams, no matter what people say. As I discuss each point of Deku’s life and the struggles and growth he faces, audience members will be given the chance to tell their own stories. This includes their own struggles, turning points in their lives, and others they might have influenced with their passions. Through my time cosplaying Deku I have noticed just how many people look up to him. Deku is a huge role model to people of all ages, so I feel this panel could be a wonderful addition to the con and help others find confidence in themselves hearing such an inspiring character speak about it.

6:15 PM – Vigilantes: A Discussion hosted by Sara Spence
I feel that My Hero Academia: Vigilantes! doesn’t get enough recognition. We’ll discuss everything Vigilantes, but BEWARE: SPOILERS.

7:15 PM – Plus Ultra My Hero Academia Game Show hosted by Juan Zaragoza
This game show, straight out of U.A., has everything for you brave souls that want to play! Questions from the My Hero Academia series with popular characters you all know and love! The categories will be: Characters for All, Guess that Quirk, Play That Music Track, Name That Voice Actor, and Random MHA Trivia. The game show will have 25 questions in total along with a total of five contestants that can play. Prizes for First, Second, and Third Place.

Panel Room 4

5:15 PM – Boku No Hero Jeopardy hosted by Fangirl Productions
Think you know everything there is to know about BNHA? Hosted by students of U.A. High, come test your knowledge spanning from the Anime to the Manga, from Class 1-A to the Pro-Heroes, even the villains. There’s even prizes to be won! Go Beyond Plus Ultra with this jeopardy styled panel!

– This Panel will contain jeopardy-styled questions.
-When prompted the questions, player must wait until question is read in full by panelist. When the question is completed, the player who reaches the buzzer first will receive a chance to answer it.
-A Buzzer will be placed near the stage, Individuals who wish to participate will be brought forward, to make it a fair shot to reach buzzer.
-No pushing, pulling, fighting to the buzzer. Anyone found guilty of said actions will be disqualified for prizes.
-Again, questions will be read fully by panelist before you can head to the buzzer. If anyone is caught trying to get to the buzzer before the question is read in full, we be disqualified.
-If they answer incorrect, the next person in line will attempt to answer. If no one knows the answer, no points will be awarded.
-Players with the most points will receive a prize for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place. Participants will also receive a gift.

7:00 PM – Pro Hero PJs hosted by SewinSisters
Come meet your favorite heroes in a casual sleepover setting!

8:00 PM – LVL Up Your Cosplay Photography/Modeling hosted by Taycosplayy
Let’s talk about what happens both In front of and behind the camera! This panel focuses on different techniques, tips, and tricks for both photographers and models. Covering topics such as interacting with cosplayers during a shoot, editing, photography on and off a budget and social media management!

Screening Room 1

4:30 PM – Your Name. Screening
6:30 PM – High Speed!: Free! Starting Days Screening

Screening Room 2

4:00 PM – 9:00 PM – My Hero Academia Episodes