Alabama Show Info

My Hero Convention: Alabama
June 3-4, 2023
2100 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N
Birmingham, AL 35203

Saturday, June 3rd, 2023
10:00 AM until 6:00 PM
Sunday, June 4th, 2023
11:00 AM until 5:00 PM

Costume Contest
Saturday, June 3rd, 2023
6:00 PM
Rave/Dance Party
Saturday, June 3rd, 2023
7:00 PM until 9:00 PM
Panels and Gaming also during the Rave/Dance Party

Saturday General Admission – $40
Sunday General Admission – $40
Weekend General Admission – $60
Kids 10 & under FREE
(Must be accompanied by an adult with paid admission, limit two per adult)



Brought to you by Humble Enterprises

G1: Justin BrinerG18: Amber Lee Connors
G2: Luci ChristianG19: Catherine Disher
G3: Stephanie Young (SAT ONLY)G20: Emily Neves
G4: Felecia AngelleG21: Lenore Zann
G5: Jad SaxtonG22: David Matranga
G6: Brittney Karbowski
G7: Alexis TiptonC1: Briumbra Photography
G8: Jamie MarchiC2: Redtop Cosplay
G9: Sofia GomezC3: AllWays Makeup
G10: Trina NishimuraC4: Retters Cosplay
G11: Justin Cook
G12: Monica RialF1: Kami-Con
G13: George BuzaF2: K-Pop Mini
G14: Christopher WehkampF3: Friday Night Frights
G15: Chris BrittonF4: Door Number 3 Films
G16: Tia BallardF5: The Bear and the Beard Podcast
G17: Adrian Hough

101-102: Senpai Creations301: Pop Ramen Creatives
103-104: The Jay Company302: MallyJanks
105-106: Enchanted Shire303: Fair Lady Gallery
106: Bead Geekz304: Kawaii Kessho Creations
107-108: GeminiGrey Creations305: Crooked Tree Graphics
109-110: Gulf Coast Collectibles306: Lemon Jellies
111: Twin Modo307: Witchy Wish
112: K&M Coin and Currency Supplies308: Inner Demon Artwork
113-114: Cordy’s Corner309: Chik N Wiz
115: Neon Culture310: Happy Alpaca LLC
116: Ellie’s Wares311: Geeky Bits
117: Otaku Vending312: Karina.DoesArt
118: Bead Geekz313: Paper Moon Studios
119-120: Anime Crew LLC314: HiddenTalent Illustrations
121: Killer Kollectibles315: Tasha’s Craft Philosophy
122: Panda Prints316: Simply Kamy
123-124: Collectors Rebellion317: Vibe Creations LLC
125: Next Dimension Goods318: Shifuku
126: Wild Wood Shed319: Asphyxia Orange LLC
127-128: Tortured Earth LLC320: Season of the Geek
129-130: DC-Imports321: Fayelight Studios
131-132: One Up TCG322: Scerdyboards by Holly Dawn
323: emberheartbeat LLC
201-202: Generations Gifts324: ArtXHood
203-204: The Mystery Shack325: Sen-Chan’s Art
205: J’s Collectables326: Murcles Art
206: Wicked Halloween LLC327: Olde Alchemy Soap
207-208: House of Anime328: PillowDS
209: Fuzzy Dragon329: Jordan Solomon Design
210: TinkerlingGaming LLC330: SabinaDotGif
211: LoversOverLosers
212: Hidden Palace Games
213-214: White Tiger Collectibles
215-216: CLSouthernCollectibles401: JSA
217-218: Russell Smith402: Zobie Productions
219-220: 7th Dimension
221: Iron City GamesUpstairs: Texas Gaming Empire
222: Bazaar USA/Kimono USAUpstairs: Van’s Gaming
223-224: Creative Image Designs
225-226: Zen Emporium FL@Toyota_Deku
227-228: Wizards Comics and Posters@blake.brok3n
229: Brix-n-Clix@SenpaiCreations
230: The Rock Ninja@RedRiot850
231-232: Animax@shiyoscos


All guests will be at their booth signing autographs and meeting fans during vendor floor hours, except when at their panel or on a break. All guests are scheduled to appear both days except for Stephanie Young (Saturday Only).

JSA will be offering $10/autograph certification for any item signed at the show. Items can be certified at the JSA booth immediately after getting the item signed. Any other outside autographed items will be accepted for prices listed on

Justin Briner
Autograph $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60, POP Auto $60, Quotes +$10
Justin Cook
Autograph $50, Selfie $50, Combo $80
Luci Christian
Autograph $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60, Premium Auto (POP/Funko, statues, props, swords) $60, Premium Combo (Prem Auto and Selfie) $80, Voice Recordings $60, Quote (8 word max) +$10
Christopher Wehkamp
Autograph $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60, Funko Auto $60, Video/Audio Recordings $50
Felecia Angelle
Auto $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60
No Video or Voice Recordings
Monica Rial
Autograph $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60, POP Auto $60, Combo w/POP $80, Voice/Video recording $75, Plus Ultra Combo $75, Super Mega Combo $100
David Matranga
$40 Autograph, $40 Selfie, $60 Combo – Auto + Selfie, $60 POP Autograph (Premium Autograph), $65 Signed Metal Print
Emily Neves
Autograph $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60, POP Autos $60, POP Auto Combo $80, Voice or Videos Recording $40
Jad Saxton
Auto $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60, POP Autos $50, POP Combo (Comes with figure, Auto, and Selfie) $80, Video and Audio Recordings $40
Brittney Karbowski
Autograph $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60, Metals $65, Voice Recording $75, Pops $55
Alexis Tipton
Autograph: $40, Selfie: $40, Combo: $60, POP Auto $50, Voice Recordings $50
Tia Ballard
Autograph $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60
Trina Nishimura
Autograph 8×10: $40, Selfie: $40, Combo: $60, POP Auto $60, Add $10 for 11×17 Auto, Add $20 for POP Combo, Add $20 for Quotes
Chris Britton
Autograph $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60
George Buza
Autograph $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60
Adrian Hough
Autograph $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60
Cathy Disher
Autograph $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60
Lenore Zann
Autograph $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60
Jamie Marchi
Autos $40, Selfie $40, POP Auto $50, Combo auto + selfie $60, Combo auto + pop $70, Voice Recording $75
Sofia Gomez
Amber Lee Connors
Auto $40, Selfie $40, Combo $60
Stephanie Young
Autos $40, Selfie $40, POP Auto $50, Combo auto + selfie $60, Combo auto + pop $70, Voice Recording $60, Quotes Additional

All guest appearances are confirmed but are subject to cancellation due to professional obligations and opportunities beyond our control. Guests’ schedules may change before the event, affecting days available.
All signature/autograph/photo pricing is at the discretion of the guest and may possibly change. Some guests may offer more options at their booths i.e. signed scripts, Funko Pops, t-shirts, DVD/Blu-rays, etc…


Saturday Panel Room
12:30PM: Door Number 3 Films
1:30PM: Villain Deku Henchman Tryouts with host StarrynightCospl_
2:30PM: It’s Trivial with host Grant Fletcher
3:30PM: Talkin’ Nerdy with hosts The Bear and the Beard Podcast
7:00PM: Who’s Watching? with hosts Willie Murderme and Joe Justice

Saturday Main Stage
11:00AM: What is Humble Enterprises?
12:00PM: Let’s Chat with Sofia Gomez
1:00PM: Let’s Chat with Luci Christian and Stephanie Young
2:00PM: Let’s Chat with Alexis Tipton and Jad Saxton
3:00PM: Let’s Chat with Amber Lee Connors and Felecia Angelle
4:00PM: Let’s Chat with Justin Briner and Tia Ballard
5:00PM: Let’s Chat with the X-Men Animated Group : Adrian Hough, Chris Britton, George Buza, Catherine Disher, Lenore Zann
6:00PM Costume Contest

Sunday Panel Room
11:30AM: Cosplay Contest Talk with hosts AllwaysMakeup, Retters Cosplay, and Redtop Cosplay
12:30PM: Inside the Cosplayer’s Workshop with host Retters Cosplay
1:30PM: Squatch Talk with host Redtop Cosplay
2:30PM: Special Effects Cosplay Makeup with host AllwaysMakeup
3:30PM: A Beginner’s Guide to Vocaloid with host Dahvie Sergeiko

Sunday Main Stage
12:00PM: Let’s Chat with Trina Nishimura and Emily Neves
1:00PM: Let’s Chat with Monica Rial and Justin Cook
2:00PM: Let’s Chat with Brittney Karbowski and Jamie Marchi
3:00PM: Let’s Chat with David Matranga and Christopher Wehkamp